News from the “Pete”

UPDATED 5/11/2018: Thursday, May 10, 2018 was a pretty good day at the Pete for Bryan Zaspal from Vinton, IA. First he rolled a 265 on lanes 7 & 8 in his third game to take over the high game on that pair as well as overall high game for the tournament. Then he finished strong with a pair of 200+ games to tally an 8-game total of 1,557 which is good enough to take over the early lead of this year’s Pete. Nice bowling, Bryan!

Will his total hold up? Only time will tell! There’s plenty of bowling yet to be done in this year’s 108th Petersen Classic. If you haven’t signed up yet, we still have room for individuals and full squads. Contact Jim Welch at 214-704-3531 for more details. We hope to see YOU at the Pete!