News from the “Pete”

UPDATED SEPTEMBER 3, 2018: The 108th Petersen Classic is officially over and we’d like to congratulate Quinton Bohlen from Decorah, IA who is our 2018 Champion! Quinton rolled his 1,669 on Jerry Marrs’ 8:30 AM squad on Saturday, August 18, 2018. Nice bowling Quinton!

The UNOFFICIAL standings have been posted on our website and are pending verification. Please note these standings are UNOFFICIAL at this time, and do not necessarily reflect the total number of positions paid for each category.

If you notice an error or score missing, you must contact our Tournament Officials by email at Bowlers will have until Monday, September 10 to request a correction. We anticipate that we will have the standings with prize amounts posted on or around Monday, September 10, 2018. At that time, the prize list will be considered FINAL and we will begin processing checks.

THANKS again to ALL of our bowlers who came out to bowl this year, especially our hard-working Squad Organizers. We truly appreciate your support and hope to see you next year at the “Pete”!