News from the “Pete”

UPDATED JUNE 4, 2019: We had a full weekend of action at the Pete but no one was able to claim the top spot away from our tournament leader, Steve Jakubowski from Temperance, MI. Steve’s 1,563 still leads the 109th edition of the Pete as we start the month of June.

Even though we don’t have a new leader, we did see four new bowlers from this past weekend slide into the top ten. Casey Atchisson (Wentzville, MO) rolled a nice 1,521 to jump into 4th place, while Matt Pearson (Crystal City, MO) shot 1,492 to claim 5th place. Richard Shawver III (Lorain, OH) tallied a 1,485 to move him into 7th place, and Scott Lavy (Troy, MO) grabbed 9th place with his 1,480 series.

We have another busy weekend coming up at the Pete, and still have openings available for single bowlers, groups and full squads through the tournament end date of September 1, 2019. You can get more info by sending an email to or by calling Jim Welch at (214) 704-3531.

We hope to see you all at the Pete!