News from the “Pete”!

UPDATED JULY 8, 2019: Coming out of the long 4th of July weekend means we are a bit more than halfway through this year’s Petersen Classic. The low scoring trend continues as no one has unseated Steve Jakubowski from Temperance, MI who remains our leader with his 1,563 score.

Remember, we are GUARANTEEING a minimum $1,000 payout for the first 75 places in this year’s Pete. Right now a score of 1,392 is sitting in 75th place – that’s only a 174 average! If you’re not signed up yet for this year’s Petersen, what are you waiting for? There are still openings for single bowlers, groups and full squads through the tournament end date of September 1, 2019. You can get more info by sending an email to or by calling Jim Welch at (214) 704-3531.

We hope to see you all at the Pete!