COVID-19 Update

UPDATED 6/27/2020: The state of Illinois allowed Bowling Centers to re-open on June 26, 2020 with several restrictions. In order to adhere to the re-opening guidelines, we must enforce the following when bowling at the Petersen Classic in 2020:

• To remain under the 50 person limit, only bowlers participating in the Petersen will be allowed in the building while a squad is bowling. Unfortunately this means no spectators will be allowed.

• In the case of back-to-back squads, bowlers in the second squad will not be allowed inside the building until the prior squad is finished and all bowlers have vacated the building.
o As much as we love when bowlers stay after bowling and enjoy a beverage or handle their squad payouts, to keep the tournament moving we will need to ask all bowlers to vacate the building as soon as their squad has finished bowling.
o Squad Organizers for a squad coming in after a previous squad WILL be allowed to enter the building to begin the check-in process. After the Squad Organizer has checked in, we will begin to check-in remaining bowlers on the squad in groups of 8 until the squad has completely checked in.

• Unfortunately we will NOT be running the Lumberjack tournament this year. Our plan was to have the Lumberjack at the same location as the Pete, but with the 50 person limit there is no feasible way we could have a Pete squad and a Lumberjack squad taking place at the same time.

Additionally, to further adhere to the state of Illinois mandates and to ensure the safety of our bowlers, we will be instituting other social distancing and sanitation measures.

BOWLING BALLS: Our famed Petersen shopping carts will be taking a break this year to the COVID pandemic. For your safety and to help prevent any spread of the COVID-19 virus, we will not be moving each bowlers’ bowling balls into the Petersen arena. Each bowler will take their own equipment (maximum of two ball per Petersen rules) into the bowling area when the Golden Gates open.

SOCIAL DISTANCING: We will have signs posted within the Petersen arena and announcements made on bowling day regarding how we’ll be practicing social distancing while bowling. This will basically be a modified version of lane courtesy. With only two bowlers per lane at the Pete this should not cause any slowdown or be an inconvenience to anyone.

SANITIZING: All areas of the bowling center will be sanitized on a regular basis. The inside of the Petersen arena will also be sanitized in between squads. Hand sanitizer will be readily available for use by the bowlers.

MASKS: The state of Illinois is requiring masks to be worn in all indoor venues. Bowlers will need to wear a mask or face covering during check-in and any time they are away from the lanes (ordering food or beverage, going to the rest room, etc.). Masks do not need to be worn while bowling.

Finally, with these restrictions Bowlero River Grove will only be open to Petersen bowlers – there will be no open play or events going on at the same time. Our staffing may appear to be minimal, but everyone in the building will be working for our Petersen bowlers. Just as these changes will be new for you they will be new for us as well, so please be patient as we try to provide as close to a “normal” Petersen experience that our loyal Pete bowlers have come to expect.

These are certainly challenging times for all of us as we all try to get back to some state of normalcy. Please be assured that are working to have these restrictions eased, but we must comply with local regulations as they pertain to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thank you.