News from the “Pete”

UPDATED SEPTEMBER 21, 2020: Petersen Bowlers and Fans – the official final standings for this year’s 110th edition of the Petersen Classic have been posted on the standings page of our website. Congratulations again to our new Champion Brian Waliczek from Frankenmuth, MI who claimed the top spot with his first place score of 1,627!

We’d like to share a SPECIAL thank you to all of our dedicated Squad Organizers and bowlers who participated as this was a very challenging year for everyone. Petersen bowlers wanted to bowl, so we knew we needed to do everything possible to make this year’s Classic happen. We hope that by doing so we were able to provide even the smallest sense of “normalcy” to the bowling community.

We will begin processing check this week. IMPORTANT: If your winnings exceeded a total of $600 we will need a W-9 form filled out in order to process your check. For those bowlers whom we do not have a W-9 on file (or if we did have a W-9 on file and your address has changed) you will be contacted by email. Please complete and return the W-9 as soon as possible to ensure a speedy payout of your prize money.

Thanks again to all Petersen Classic bowlers, Squad Organizers and fans for your continued support – we’ll see you next year at the Pete!