News from the “Pete”

POSTED ON MONDAY, JULY 11, 2022: We are aware of an error that was made in preparing the lanes for the 8:30 AM Petersen Classic squad on Sunday, July 10, 2022. The lane machine inadvertently applied a house shot to the Petersen lanes, not the competition patterns used for all squads of the Peterson Classic.

In fairness to the bowlers in this squad and all other competitors in this year’s Petersen Classic, Bowlero Corp. will be adding additional funds to create an alternate prize list for the 24 bowlers from this squad. At the conclusion of the Petersen Classic it will be determined where these 24 bowlers would have placed and they will be paid the appropriate amount of prize money by Bowlero Corp. based on their position in the standings. For the remainder of the tournament the standings posted on our website will not include these 24 bowlers.

The Petersen Classic and Bowlero Corp. accept responsibility for this error and are working to ensure this does not happen again. It is our desire to maintain the integrity of the Petersen by awarding the proper prize money to all competitors who bowled.