Current Standings

2020 standings will be available once the Petersen Classic begins. In the meantime, take a look back at the results from the 109th Petersen classic.

All Events

All Events
1Kelley John, Clinton Twsp MI2116
2Crowell Perry, St Clair MI1982
3Bosco Craig, St. Clair Shores MI1960
4Woodward Scot, Auburn Hills MI1943
5Stephens Mike, Fraser Mi1929

Added Actual

Added Actual
1Kelley John, Clinton Twsp MI876
2Nannemann Jim, Waterford WI830
3Crowell Perry, St Clair MI807
4Bosco Craig, St. Clair Shores MI805
5Woodward Scot, Auburn Hills MI791

Added POA

Added POA
1Crowell Perry, St Clair MI7

Classic High Games

Classic High Games
StandingBowler DetailsScore
1Hughes Harold, Auburn Hills MI256

Doubles – Major Prize List

Doubles Major
StandingDoubles MemberScore
1Kelley John, Crowell Perry1241
2Kelley John, Price Paul1210
3Crowell Perry, Stephens Mike1183
4Crowell Perry, Price Paul1171
5Lokker Sarah, Price Paul1150
5McNally Patrick, Nannemann Jim1150

Doubles – Pins Over Average


High Singles Game – All Sponsors

High Singles Games All Sponsors
StandingBowler NameScore
1Preston Ryan, Sterling Hts. MI212
2Wagner, Sr. Robert, St. Peters MO203
3Briggs Dennis, New Galilee PA198

Lane Pair Games – Women Only

Lane Pair Games - Women 
1-Lokker Sarah, St. Clair Shores M192
3-Lokker Sarah, St. Clair Shores M192
5-Mathe Angela, West Allis W211
7-Kenney Kim, Muskego W213
9-1Lokker Sarah, St. Clair Shores M190
11-1McNamer Jesi, Wauwatosa W219
13-1Hughes Emilee, Auburn Hills MI175
15-1Lokker Sarah, St. Clair Shores M182

Lane Pair Games – All Bowlers

Lane Pair Games - All Bowler 
1-Kelley John, Clinton Twsp M245
3-Tomaszewski Dan, Clinton Township M228
5-Nannemann Jim, Waterford W219
7-Hughes Harold, Auburn Hills M227
9-1Kelley John, Clinton Twsp M236
11-1Hughes Harold, Auburn Hills M256
13-1Hughes Harold, Auburn Hills M235
15-1Casey Chuck, Elk Grove I226

Official Hotel – Men


Official Hotel – Women


Official Hotel – Sponsors Only


Pins Over Average – All Bowlers

Pins Over Average - All Bowlers
StandingBowler NameScore
1Suda Flossie, St. Louis MO41
2Cavenaugh Jennifer, High Ridge MO13

Pins Over Average – Women

Pins Over Average Women
StandingBowler NameScore
1Suda Flossie, St. Louis MO41
2Cavenaugh Jennifer, High Ridge MO13

Pins Over Average – High Games


Trios – Major Prize List

Trios Major Prize List
StandingTeam MembersScore
1Crowell Perry,Lokker Sarah,Kelley John1726
2Bosco Craig,Woodward Scot,Bond Thomas1711
3Stephens Mike,Crowell Perry,Heichel Matthew1681

Trios – Pins Over Average


Singles Major Prize

Singles Major Prize List
StandingBowler NameScore
1Hughes Harold, Auburn Hills MI1589
2Kelley John, Clinton Twsp MI1567
3Crowell Perry, St Clair MI1513
4Roberts Matt, Hudsonville MI1502
5Nannemann Jim, Waterford WI1496
6Bosco Craig, St. Clair Shores MI1488
7Casey Chuck, Elk Grove IL1480
8Woodward Scot, Auburn Hills MI1471
9Bond Thomas, Shelby Township MI1469
10Stephens Mike, Fraser Mi1467
11Killian Scott, Hubbard OH1460
11Kloss Chad, Muskego WI1460
11Moeller Todd, Hudsonville MI1460
14McNally Patrick, Sturtevant WI1453
15Wagner, Sr. Robert, St. Peters MO1449
16Lokker Sarah, St. Clair Shores MI1448
17Hoefs Robert, Milwaukee WI1444
18Kruszynski Kyle, McPherson KS1416
19Mathe Kyle, Milwaukee Wi1404
20Briggs Dennis, New Galilee PA1399
20Tomaszewski Dan, Clinton Township MI1399

Singles – Seniors

Singles Seniors
StandingBowler NameScore
1Casey Chuck, Elk Grove IL1480
2McNally Patrick, Sturtevant WI1453
3Wagner, Sr. Robert, St. Peters MO1449
4Hoefs Robert, Milwaukee WI1444
5Briggs Dennis, New Galilee PA1399

Singles – Women’s Prize List

Singles Womens Prize List
StandingBowler NameScore
1Lokker Sarah, St. Clair Shores MI1448
2Gehrke Amber, Milwaukee WI1339
3Bosco Cheryl, St. Clair Shores MI1257
4Mathe Angela, West Allis Wi1246
5Heichel Anna, Orion Mi1223

Squad Sponsors – Group I


Squad Sponsors – Women Only


Squad Total Pins – Group A


Lumberjack – All Bowlers


Lumberjack – Women Only


Youth Bowlers

Youth Standin
StandinBowler NamScor
1Hughes Emilee, Auburn Hills MI1185
2Karpowicz Connor, West Allis WI995

New Bowlers

New Bowlers
StandingBowler NameScore
1Kruszynski Kyle, McPherson KS1416
2Tomaszewski Dan, Clinton Township MI1399
3Dean Brandon, Sterling Heights MI1270
4Karpowicz Matt, West Allis WI1261
5Cain James, Hales Corners WI1239

Bowlero League Bowlers

Bowlero League Bowler
StandinBowler NamScor
1Mallum Vinny, Wauwatesa W1245
2Cain James, Hales Corners W1239
3McNamer Jesi, Wauwatosa W1050

Bowlers 70+ Years of Age